about this blog

Please follow @radiofreefedi@musician.social for interaction and our regular micro posts. THis blog is something to link long form posts about station evolution and events rather than do the 1/12... mess on masto et al.

24/7 music and sounds from the fediverse. “theNews”* at top of each hour. “theTrafficReport” at the bottom of each hour.

small web, consent driven, artist populated, non-commercial delivery, license and attribution respecting, artist promoting, community radio

Weird and different by design.

*theNews and theTrafficReport are spoken word, readings and micro fiction from fedizens

see the website for: -now playing info and ALL artist support, fedi and license/consent info -listening options -how to submit original music, voice reads or contribute to radio free fedi

[https://radiofreefedi.net] | [https://musician.social/@radiofreefedi]