ways you can help and participate

Often folks ask what they can do to help the independent creative community via RFF. That is hugely appreciated but there are a couple caveats that often present.

  1. Often as with so many of us, the caveat is “but I don't have much/regular time”. There is not a lot of availabilty out there for regular and stable time commitments and that's fair.

  2. RFF is a volunteer, quick moving experimental project exploring durable community building in alternative social spaces. Often times we (RFF) aren't really sure if an idea will ever see the light of day proper so do not want to get hopes up advertising for help with it. And/or we (RFF) are also so snowed under that we haven't had the time to make time to try and separate out exact micro tasks for helping.

Here are smaller more digestible ideas, steps, actions we can do to help the community.

We'll update, append, and edit this page as new ideas, projects and tasks take shape. We'll highlight a small task or action or an invite to larger more scoped tasks regularly in micro posts and in our chat.

Don't be overwhelmed by the list. Everyone doing a little thing, ripples big and it can be as simple as taking a moment to make a post in your own words about how or why you like to listen. Or your experience as an artist playing on RFF. It can be the small but mighty effort to drop a kind word to an artist you found via RFF or helping to reach new corners of the verse to instigate more submissions of music, writing and voice.

These are some ideas for relatively quick and low time cost force multipliers for good the community of artists and listeners has shared and spread to date. You can help us all as artists and community to keep growing connections and support.

If there are little things out there that you or others have done or received that are RFF adjacent and we might add to the list, please DM.

Mini Calls to Action:

Project specific tasks and help requests:

Will be listed here as we seek help in exploring or begin undertaking station project initiatives.

Work in progress as at 06 May 2024.

Thank you for your love and support for independent artists and for helping RFF as we try to catalyse and rally more of that durable community and support.


listen and contribute: [https://radiofreefedi.net]

Kia ora rawa atu