helpful submission tips

Good news! there is a diverse backlog brewing.

Bad news, we are a volunteer one hamster powered wheel so please be advised replies and comms may start lagging a day or two.

We manual check all subs for fediquette or bad actors. Sadly a lot of stuff coming in needs edits for length, levels, format fixes, art resize or finding it, has downloads that req logins or asks questions that are on site/FAQ.

Please help us get more material out faster.

DO submit, listen and keep fedi weird!

Helpful for original music submissions:

Please make sure you are offering us downloads we can get without logins. We can't be on every platform. If you have no idea where to upload contact via DM on masto for a private drop you can use.

Length: we shoot for 1-5 minute tracks on Main and Comfy channels Our loose time limit of 5 minutes for Main and Comfy is to increase comfort, diversity and discovery and be more neighbourly on the stream.

Edits/highlights shortened intros/outros are welcome.

With our new Specialty channel themed blocks let's keep it reasonable so it isn't a “you” show, but up to ~10 minute pieces are now considered. We hope this method gives listeners some clear expectations and choice for theme and potentially longer works.

Levels: I love a good wall of noise from time to time, but this is more whet the whistle of potential supporters and not a shock venue. Check your levels and ask someone for help if they are super low or super clipped.

Here are some helpful tips from producer and friend of the station Jamie Hill to get you started:

License: We celebrate consent and agency. We are happy to showcase artists with all manner of preferred license and hope this model leads to more good talks about attribution and how you CAN ask a copyright artist for amiable terms to use their work, just like artists can sell or agree to custom terms for open licensed works.

Some are hung up here, all we are asking is that if you hold your publishing rights and use a hard copyright for release, a simple word that you agree for radio free fedi to stream is all that is requested. It does not matter how many non-exclusive platforms you have aggregated to so long as they haven't sniped your ownership. Otherwise just advise us of your open license type.

Support link: is the link of your choice to show on the website. You can watch the now playing on the website for examples of what other artists are doing.

Most of you have been absolutely kick ass and spot on with submissions which helps turnaround and thank you, but the volume and “accuracy” can get a bit avalanch-esque.

We've been trying to smooth the edges for the artists awesome enough to hop onto this funky fedi train of a project, but now as we grow there just isn't enough time in the day. Thanks for your understanding.

Stay excited. Keep submitting. and keep fedi weird!

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