new years day 2024 global 24 hour stream parade!

Broadcasters, performers, friends!

Are you on the fediverse? Do you use Owncast or Peertube? Would you like to have a stream on new years day and be part of a fun 24 hour global marathon, train, parade, “raid”? Let us know if you want to do a special 1 or 2 hour stream of whatever it is you generally do. Are you already doing a bigger event and would be happy to acknowledge or accept having a specific time slot for the marathon pointing to you? All good let's do it.

Here is the parade route ie. schedule


Are you a decent fedizen, does your content cause no harm, is your content original open or fully consented, will chat be available and moderated, that's pretty much it, hop aboard. As a distributed event RFF nor any other participants can guarantee all the content but as a community we'll do our best and look out for each other.

The idea is multi focused. We want to: – celebrate and introduce the community of streamers using “alternative” and self powered platforms – facilitate a bunch of hangouts on a day that may already be a party, and may just be another day to get through for others so let's assemble! – inspire more folks to have a go at self powered and community broadcasting

If you are a fedi/owncast/peertube broadcaster or streamer and want to join the parade please message or join matrix room

We'll do our best to coordinate a contiguous parade. RFF will act as a lobby and information desk for the day and between ourselves and a few other broadcasters we will try to fill any gaps. Inversely, the more the merrier and if things get really active there may be some overlap, so at that point it's a festival not a party!

We can also simulcast any original and/or fully consented content to the radio free fedi Specialty audio channel on the day if you are able to send us a signal we'd be happy to receive as much as possible. If you are an audio only streamer or podcaster, we could live host you on radio free fedi which we can relay to our owncast video channel et voila!

If you broadcast elsewhere and haven't dipped a toe into the calm waters of non corporate streaming, we may be able to align you with a host broadcaster for the day, however this availability may vary if you are non cleared and consented, commercial material.

Participating and tentative schedule for the parade starting 0100 UTC New Years Day: time conversions

Blind Games Presents 0100-0300 UTC – blind games presents and flying blind broadcast mainstream gaming from a blind accessibility perspective.

radio free fedi [audio](] RFF will be the lobby, host, support conduit, and one of the impromptu content as needed providers throughout the parade. We will also be presenting: 0300-0500 UTC – Roos vs Kiwis, a special hosted simulcast on the Specialty Channel and the Video chat to kick things off musically from your antipodean cousins.

DJ Earth Walker 0500-0600 UTC – live dj set of electron dance music, UK garage, drum and bass, and dubstep

w0rmh0le 0600-0700 UTC – Camp Scouts Podcast is sharing a medley of new music recommendations from across the fediverse 0700-0800 UTC – 404 Not Found with ENOENT: Bass, breaks, wubs and dubs ***.

OPEN 0800-1100 UTC – OPEN – message the station with your idea! 1100-1200 UTC – grueproof from the JNKTN.TV crew presents Neon City showcasing the best of retro and synth wave, techno/industrial, classic from the past, and modern sounds.

love a brother radio 1200-1300 UTC The global house music streaming crew LABR are going all day with a special year in review marathon. We'll focus in from 1200-1300 UTC as they kick off their event.

Kamizdat label & Luka Prinčič 1300-1500 UTC – Performance and label showcase by electronic music and arts friends from Slovenia.

Didier's Live Channel 1500-1600 UTC – “Introduction to #AnaloguePocket development”. Come learn about #FPGA and #Verilog development

gravitons collective 1600-1700 UTC – Meljoann will bring you “Improvised R&B noise & a few stylish songs”

New Ellijay TV 1700-1900 UTC – A watch party with the world premiere of the special hosted movie, Dark Mistresses' Holiday Movie Presents Santa Conquers the Martians

DJ MXKS 1900-2000 UTC – fun beats and foxy times live dj set.

gravitons collective 2000-2100 UTC – Rashamon performing “synth noise pop: a mix of new beats and tracks”.

radio free fedi 2100-2200 UTC – RFF are simulcasting on our chat, Creative Commons Jazz from Hairy Larry and anonradio.

RetroStrange TV 2200-0000 UTC – watch party and programming TBA

gravitons collective 0000-0100 Thur 2nd Dec UTC – Remember Glaciers live performance. “We may be the last generations to remember glaciers. Glacially slow ambient soundscapes.”

Doctor Deathray [}( 0100-0200 UTC – Live Performance. “Playing, looping, making all sorts of noises, it’s Doctor Deathray ready to annihilate your ears!”

radio free fedi 0200-0300 UTC – Live acoustic performance from SabiLewSounds

Our Friends at Owncast Are helping with connecting broadcasters, hosts, their directory and have made a darn good platform empowering many of us.

As we get more broadcasters, performers, and friends onboard for the event we'll update the schedule, links and planned programming from everyone here, probably a dedicated RFF url and hopefully a few affiliates will help amplify as well!

Let's find more friends and hangout and discover and celebrate each other on a predefined Monday :)

More ways you can help or contribute: – volunteer for a some time to moderate and hangout in the fedi chat on the RFF video channel acting as a lobby, info desk and traffic management for the duration of the parade. – can you help with amplifying, boosting, or other creative means to excite the community? – have some technical resource or chops to help provide some infra or mentorship? – can you help do fedi announcements at crossover times during the event or help with some ways to automate some affiliated promotion? – want to make some fun graphics or art for RFF to use on our video channel acting as the lobby and info desk on the day?

Please reach out to or join