Despite the recent timelines there is fedi LOVE and it is YOU!

Our goal at RFF is to help uplift independent artists and the wider listening community.

We are so sorry to hear when any of our independent and marginalised fedi artist friends are demoralised, exhausted, disconnected, or worse cutoff from the engagement and visibility needed for your collaboration, voice or means to eat. We fully understand when a tool that was hopeful as a better means to share our voice and work can derail the very desire or means to create said voice and work.

Please hang in there and reach out privately if you need to vent or help trying to navigate how to stay fedi positive and fedi connected because we are all struggling.

We don't have the answer to fedi peace or how marginalised and independent artists will sustain durable connections or even just some lunch amidst the current amplified fedi tensions.

We do continue to LOVE LOVE LOVE the connections that have been made, the collaborations spawned, the non-competitive comradery, the positive emotional and material support that is moving in all directions! And interestingly, we are swimming in submissions almost in spite of the extra negativity currently out there, so again huge credit to you the community for sharing strength and positive energies for those of us that really need a boost.

We can't promise the future of the fedi but YOU ALL, the community that has rallied to make RFF a thing are without question a shining beacon of what federation can foster. And we will do our best to keep RFF as a positive voice advocating for and amplifying the amazing, creative, diverse, empathetic, collaborative and loving path so many of you are walking.

So we took a few hours at the proverbial drawing board sketching if there is anything we can do towards more durable or alternative connections.

We took the RFF artist public fedi account list, filtered out duplicates, downed or disappeared accounts and those on platforms that do not support the format to arrive at a basic urls (newsboat fam) and opml file. We imported, cached and tested in multiple readers and at point of publication there were no blank entries (always subject to fedi server availabilty and state). We will update this along with the website list and masto follow file at each station adds post time.

If you were not aware, many fedi servers can put out rss of public only posts per user account. See this piece from Fedi.Tips. We don't endorse a specific best of list for rss readers/aggregators, if this is new to you you will have to check your OS/platform options you might be comfy with. They can be browser based, local, desktop, or mobile app (F-droid options exist).

an RFF artist RSS: urls | opml

May be there are multiple use cases:

OK team, stay awesome out there. Keep making tunes. Keep sending in music, Station IDs, and propose any other content you want to share. Keep celebrating each others' existence and amazing work.

Together we have made such meaningful impact so do try to hold that close to heart when the timelines get you down.

Ngā mihi me te aroha nui