radio free fedi specialty channel block schedule

This is the current block times and vibes for the rotating theme specialty channel of #radioFreeFedi

We will keep this updated as things shift or are added.

EXPERIMENTS IN RFF – 0000, 1000, 1700 UTC experimental, avant, counterpoint, drone, noise, sampling, collage, sculpture, avant spoken, power electronics, generally weird, might well contain conflicting sounds or harsh frequencies side

RFF IN THE ATMOSPHERE – 0100. 0600, 1100, 1800 UTC ambient, soundscape, atmospheric, epic, orchestral, soundtrack, space, more floating or rhythmic than beat orientated

RFF SINGS – 0200, 0700 ,1200, 1900 UTC not an instrumental in sight, from the diverse voices of RFF with eclectic sonic underpinnings. Pull up a chair it's story time. Vocals, singer songwriter, storytelling, piano, folk, electronica, eclectic whimsy, all voice focused.

RFF CHIPS N DIPS – 0300, 1300, 2000 casio jams, chiptunes, 8bit, 16bit, all the bits, bleeps and boops, chirpy synths, gaming sound, anime sound, vocaloid sound

RFF IS GONNA ROCK YOU – 0400, 1400, 2100 UTC yo dawg we heard you guitar the guitars!, all uptempo rock, metal, industrial rock, punk, power pop, a bit heavier fair with a plethora of riffs

RFF SYNTHETIC – 0500, 0800, 1500, 2200 UTC synthpop, synthwave, cyberwave, vapourwave, new wave, new new wave, such synth very wave

CLUB RFF – 0900, 1600, 2300 UTC BEATS, techno, dnb, EDM, EBM, house, industrial dance, electro, hip-hop

how to listen:

see also the Specialty channel lore and origin