RFF recently played history how to and stuff

or I was washing the dog 17 minutes ago and missed an awesome song's information

** Update January 2024 ** We've deployed a new and testing now playing account, @rff@nowplaying.radiofreefedi.net to our own server for a number of reasons. It's in our sphere of influnce, it's not Mastodon Inc TM PP esq, it's discrete single user server so mute/blocks might less overly affect us or others. Most importantly, we can make all posts public meaning if you do follow or List mode the account, hashtags will be searchable unlike our current throttled account on botsin.space. We will leave that one working in parallel until we are confident the new setup is durable.

#RFFplays is tagged on all three channels' output. #RFFmain , #RFFcomfy and #RFFspecialty are tagged only on their corresponding channels' posts.

The probable use case is follow, mute, unmute when you want to hashtag search or temporarily get a chain of awesome artists to check out.

Or just reference the public feed as needed without following.

Or you might pin a “List” with this account to your web interface and “Hide posts from home” timeline option ticked. Hashtags will be searchable in this mode but posts will not blow up your home timeline!

Yes it would be convenient for those doing the follow, temporarily unmute or the List method to have the fedi accounts in a hot @ format. This is an intentional omission to not force muting or annoyance upon the artists, and imporatantly because we also use that field as a valid and helpful link to the artists in muliple places that need a proper url not a fedi @ handle.

Of course there is always recently played artist information and links for each channel on the main website radio free fedi

We show linked now playing on all three channels on our community video channel so it's available no matter what channel is simulcasting or having a chat hangout.

And we keep about 1.5 days worth of tracks as csv txt files, also with artist support and fedi links for each of the three channels. You might find this handy as well for contextual finding something you missed, or just as another tool for discovery. These are also linked on the main site under each channel:

main channel np txt | comfy channel np txt | specialty channel np txt

If you have a need or idea to help the community for ingesting some now playing or recent played data that does not break our ethos or artist and listener consent and agency, we are happy to try and help.

Keep fedi weird.

Lift each other up.

Support fedi artists!


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